eprints : User's Guide (Registration)

Step 1st: go to address institutional repository at www.eprints.utp.edu.my

Step 2nd: click “registration” and follow the instruction state there.

Figure 1: Registration guide

Step 3rd: give your details (full name, UTP staff ID, faculty department & phone number) to Madam Hamidah via email at hamidah.nasaruddin@petronas.com.my

Step 4th: Madam Hamidah will register and create new username and password for the new user. After that, she will give directly the username and password to the user email.

Step 5th: Open back the institutional repository website at www.eprints.utp.edu.my and login using username and password that have been given.

Step 6th: The user’s home interface gives the option to the user whether to download directly or click the “Manage Deposits” button

Figure 2: User's home interface

Figure 3: Manage deposits's interface

Step 7th: Select the document type to be uploaded to institutional repository

Figure 4: List the type of document to be upload

Step 8th: Fill up the metadata/description of the document and upload the file

Figure 5: Metadata/Description of document

Step 9th:The user can also edit their profile, to change their password, and any details allowed

Figure 6: Manage profile interface

Step 10th:The user can also add new item and delete back the document that have been uploaded to the institutional repository. Click button “Save and Return” upon completion

Figure 7: Manage document interface