Kinetics and Equilibria of Synthesized Anionic Surfactant onto Berea Sandstone

Azam, Muhammad Rizwan and Isa , M Tan and Ismail, Lukman and Mushtaq, Muhammad and Nadeem, Muhammad and Sagir, Muhammad (2013) Kinetics and Equilibria of Synthesized Anionic Surfactant onto Berea Sandstone. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology (ja). null. (In Press)

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Here we present static adsorption study of anionic surfactants on crushed Berea sandstone. The maximum adsorption density was 0.9604 mg / g. The kinetics of adsorption process was modeled using pseudo first order and pseudo second order rate equations at 25°C and 70°C. The equilibrium adsorption process was validated using Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption models. In addition, the effects of different parameters which govern the effectiveness of these surfactants such as pH and temperature were also reported. The kinetic study results show that the surfactant adsorption is a time dependent process. The apparent rate constant of adsorption process determined by the first-order kinetic model at 25°C and 70°C were 0.11768 and �0.04513 respectively. The rate constant for pseudo second order kinetic model was 0.0086 at 25°C and 0.0101 at 70°C. The adsorption of anionic surfactant followed pseudo second order kinetic model. The Freundlich and Langmuir model constant were 1.6509 � 10�4 and �9.775 � 10�5 respectively. The equilibrium results showed that the adsorption of anionic surfactant onto Berea sandstone was well described by Langmuir adsorption model. It was concluded that anionic surfactants performed better at higher pH and temperature.

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